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"Adding sexual orientation and gender identity to national data collection systems would be a major step toward monitoring disparities and developing a better-informed public health strategy to achieve health equity for the LGBT population," the authors wrote.

But despite increased awareness of these lasting effects, available data on long COVID is not consistent enough to provide a portrait of the problem’s extent. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the data varies wildly from 5% to 80% on how many survivors of COVID-19 experience its aftereffects. In a September survey, the CDC reported that two out of three respondents who experience the virus had symptoms that lasted for more than four weeks after the initial infection.

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    The U.S. economy has been beset by a stubborn labor shortage that has contributed to higher inflation across the country. Millions of Americans quit their jobs last year and are instead parlaying demand for their labor for jobs with higher pay and better benefits, or choosing to be self-employed instead.

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